Frequently asked questions

  • About DeskBeers

  • What's special about DeskBeers?

    We're the only beer delivery service specifically designed for businesses. This means we email a VAT receipt after every order to an email address of your choosing - usually your own or some variation of "accounts@". We use reputable commercial couriers (ones you've actually heard of) that deliver during office hours. We allow you to update the frequency and quantity of your subscription any time you like. We let you pause your delivery for those times when no one is in or you just want to take a break. We let you cancel right from the website. We get it, business is hard - ordering beer shouldn't be.

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge a flat rate of £30 + VAT per box of 12 craft beers delivered anywhere on the UK Mainland. You can order as many boxes of 12 beers as you like, and you can adjust that number each week depending on your needs (if you want to). We also charge a flat-rate delivery charge of £7.50 + VAT for delivery, but this charge is waived for our Regular Delivery customers. Read more about delivery charges.

  • How much is delivery?

    We charge a flat-rate of £7.50 + VAT. By "flat-rate" we mean a one-off charge, regardless of how many beers you buy. 1 box or 100, the delivery charge is £7.50. But we know people don't like paying for delivery, so for our subscribers we've waived the whole fee. Take out a subscription and delivery is free. Just one of the many perks of the ever-flexible DeskBeers subscription. Free delivery. Free.

  • What time will you deliver?

    We deliver during office hours. The delivery window of our partner couriers is between 9am and 5pm. While 5pm is the latest, most customers receive their beer way before then.

  • Will you actually deliver to my desk?

    We'll certainly try. In some offices, particularly co-working spaces, delivering to your desk might not be possible. In this situation, your beer will be delivered in the same way that something from Amazon would be delivered.

  • Is the beer delivered cold?

    No. Not yet, anyway. While our delivery window is till 5pm, most customers get their delivery much earlier than that. We always try to get your beer to you with enough time to chill them before beer o'clock.

  • Can I send DeskBeers as a gift?

    Yes, you can. Check out our Special Deliveries to find out more. You can add a note, and these orders can be delivered the next working day.

  • Do I have to have a subscription?

    No, you can order through our Special Delivery service, though you should know our Regular Delivery service is very flexible and can be cancelled any time via the website.

  • Can I get beer delivered to my house?

    Home-Office Workers rejoice. While DeskBeers is designed for traditional businesses (i.e. one in an office), we can deliver to residential addresses. Please be aware, however, that we use commercial couriers who deliver between 9am and 5pm. If you are not home to receive your delivery, we may not be able to re-schedule and your beer might be "returned to sender" (i.e. us) rather than held at the local depot for you to collect (like a domestic courier normally would). If this happens, we may have to charge you for the attempted delivery. In this situation, we can refund you up to 80% of the value of your order (i.e. the cost of the beer you never got).

  • Probably not, sorry. When you offer free beer your message gets lost behind the red mist that descends on people as they charge past you to crack in to a cold one.

    We will cater for your event, though. If you'd like the beer you serve to match the care and attention you put in to organising the rest of your shindig, please email and we'll be happy to help.

  • What's all this about a money back guarantee?

    We try our damnedest to provide beer you'll love with the service you deserve. If you feel we missed the mark on either, we'll refund you 100% of the cost of your order, no questions asked. Just email to let us know and we'll do the rest.

  • The Beers

  • What if I don't like the beer?

    See our guarantee. If you really, genuinely, honest-to-goodness think we picked a dud, get an email off to and we'll figure out how to make it up to you.

  • Do you do gluten free beer?

    We wish. There are a few gluten free beers that don't suck, and we're always looking out for more. At the moment we don't have enough gluten free beers to be able to offer them as part of our regular round. If you have an event or similar and would like a small number of gluten free beers in with a bigger order, email and we'll see what we can do.

  • Do you offer cider or wine?

    We do indeed offer wine. Cider is coming soon. Promise.

  • Can I choose what beer we get?

    Not at the moment. We believe part of the fun of DeskBeers is trying new beers in new styles from breweries you've probably never heard of. However we realise that not everyone likes an Imperial Coffee Triple Stout Porter, so we try and find "crowd-pleasers" - interesting beers that everyone can get behind. We'll also try and match the season - expect darker, richer brews in winter giving way to lighter, crisper brews as things warm up.

  • OK, can I at least pick what style of beer we get?

    You can pick the style of beer you don't want. This way you don't have to receive any beers you know you don't like, but remain open to trying new things. Once you've set up your Regular Delivery, click on "manage" in your account.

  • Why am I sometimes delivered cans?

    Cans are great! They protect the beer from light and air keeping it fresher for longer. This is why more and more breweries are starting to take to canning their beers. We don't want you to mis out on great beer, so sometimes we send out cans.

  • Help

  • My delivery was late/never arrived/is damaged. What should I do?

    It happens, and we're gutted each time it does. Boxes get dropped or go "missing", unexpected road-closures cause delays and umpteen other things can conspire to deprive you of your beer. It doesn't happen often, but when it does we'll be as proactive as possible to find a solution. Depending on what's happened we'll bend over backwards to make you happy again. If you're worried, don't hesitate to email We'll never charge you for beer we didn't deliver in perfect working order.

  • I'm having trouble with my order

    If you have any issue with the site, the service or anything else at all, remember that is your friend.

  • My promo code isn't working

    This is how to enter a promo code. If that doesn't help, please email us on and we'll figure out what's going on.