The Soft Drinks Box

For our Soft Drinks box, we thought long and hard about the kind of drinks we wanted to offer our customers. We wanted something special yet accessible, like our craft beer box. We wanted "crowd-pleasers" - interesting, but nothing too off the wall. Old favourites mixed with new experiences, with that curated "craft" touch we’ve come to be known for. After much trial and deliberation, we settled on a shortlist of makers we think fit this brief.

What’s in the box?

Each Soft Drinks box contains 12 drinks. The size of each drink varies by brand, but they are generally between 275ml and 330ml (though may be larger or smaller from time to time - it really depends on who is packaging what and when! That’s the nature of craft). Colas and Lemonades aplenty - why mess with the classics - plus something a little different to keep things interesting.

On rotation

  • Fentimens
  • Dalston's
  • Karma Cola
  • Fritz-Kola