Special edition brews, collaborations, imports and higher ABV beers from some of the most exciting breweries in the U.K. and beyond

What’s in the box?

Like our signature Craft Beer Box, the Deluxe Beer Box features 12 beers, typically split between 3 or 4 styles (so 3 or 4 of each beer). Unlike the Craft Beer Box, beers in the Deluxe Beer Box tend to all be from different breweries and will typically include one or two more adventurous styles of beer. A new box is curated every week, so there is always something exciting to look forward to.

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The So Fresh And So Clean Clean Deluxe Box 2008
The So Fresh And So Clean Clean Deluxe Box 2008

Howling HopsToko

Toko is a light sour beer infused with sharp apple and smooth ginger for a refreshing bite. Tangy fruit flavours are balanced by gentle notes of ginger for a fresh and snappy finish.

Sour 3.8% x3

Fierce BeerTropical Tart

Tropical Tart is all about passion(fruit). Fierce beer brewed a tart kettle sour passionately in at their Aberdeen brewery, then crammed it with sweet passion fruit puree. Full on tropical flavour, full of passion. Pucker up!

Sour 4.5% x3


This classic German Pilsner is invigorating, deliciously dry and floral. Clean and crisp with accentuated German hops. Sometimes you just need something uncomplicated and simple to kick back with, dose up on this.

Lager 5.1% x3

DonzokoNorthern Helles

This is the flagship beer from Donzoko Brewing Co. They use classic German malt and ferment with cold with a Swiss lager yeast strain, for a clean malt backbone with notes of sweet crusty bread. Their very own unique house acid culture is added in the brewhouse to control the pH level of the beer to achieve a crisp, refreshing finish. Topped off with New Zealand hops for a floral fruit finish, this is the perfect can to crack open with friends.

Lager 4.2% x3
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